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As one of the leading florists in the North America, Wesley Berry Flowers services over one-million customers. We deliver from our own brick and mortar flower shops with our own delivery fleet and through FedEx and UPS from coast to coast. Deliveries are also made via a computerized sending network of more than 75,000 affiliated, sister shops. This network of shops includes the florists of FTD, Teleflora and other business networks. We provide delivery throughout most of the United States, Canada and to over eighty countries around the world.

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Wesley Berry Flowers Reviews

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  • Wesley Berry Flowers Lindsay

    I ordered flowers for a visitation. I received confirmation that the order would be delivered. When the order was to be delivered I received an email telling me that the ordered would not be delivered. I called to the customer service department and was transferred. After waiting for 15 minutes each time, the call was dropped. Very unprofessional flower shop and does not honour their service or committemnt. I would not order from here and would not recommend this company to anyone. They sould not be allowed to do business. More...
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  • Wes Berry Flowers a rip off

    I ordered flowers online from this Wes Berry. A pop up offered me a $50 rebate. The assorted delivery charges on $33 flower order were over $50, but I figured the rebate was their offset. Turns out - it is on NEXT order. So I was being charged $83 for a small vase of daisy's about 8-10" high overall. I called immediately after pressing send,. Spoke to a person 6 out of 7 phone calls. I demanded the order be cancelled immediately. Instead the call center person puts you in a voice mail and NO ONE ever calls back. Instead they keep sending you emails telling you they are... More...
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  • Delivery Express Flowers

    I am tired of working hard for my money only to be ripped off by a company who presents itself to be reputable, but is anything but! I ordered flowers that were never delivered, told they were in route for days, disconnected me over 20 times when I asked to talk to manager, sent me 219 of the same email, refused to return my emails and refused to return my $88. How is this company allowed to continue their business with all these complaints? More...
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  • fraudulant deliverey and none of my money returned!

    I have been on the phones with customer servicre for two days and none of the supervisors have called me back and my reciepts are the wrong ones sent to my e-mail and they over charged my card by 100 dollars and did not deliver my 5 orders on the day i paid for them to go out and now i find out that they are the wrong orders and now after going through 20 reps and 3 supervisors no one has done nothing to fix the problem and they won't give me anymore refunds fot thier screw up! i paid over 300 dollars in flowers and balloons! This is by far the worst custermer service i had i my life... More...
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  • I will never order from Wesley Berry Flowers again

    When I called the florist to order a peace lily for my husband%u2019s family when my father-on-law passed, I learned that the florist was now a Wesley Berry Florist. I ordered the lily which cost $83.00 and was told it would be delivered the next day and that I would receive a $50 credit on my next order. I thought that was a nice touch since I planned to send flowers to my sister-in-law. The next day I called my husband who had flown up to be with his family if the flowers got there and they had. The problem was it was not the lily that I had ordered, but a dish garden that looked like... More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flowers Epic Fail And Wont Make Good

    I wanted to brighter a friends day so I ordered a Glorious Garden from what was pictured on the site. What was delivered looked nothing like that. It looked like a child threw it together with old flowers. It had none of the same flowers as pictured, the greens were different and the bow did not even match. It even had goldenrod stuck in it! What horrible service! I am one unhappy customer! Do not place an order with this company. Horrible! They wont make good on their failure! Horrible! Horrible! Unacceptable! More...
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  • Late delivery! Poor value!!

    I ordered an $80 bouquet for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary three days ahead of time. The flowers were not delivered on time. I did manage to get in touch with a supervisor who assured me they would get the flowers delivered that day ( a day late) and would upgrade it to a $100 bouquet. What my parents received was nowhere near what I ordered, nor was it worth $100. It was THREE short roses, 2 tulips, carnations and daisies in a short basket. At most, it was a $30 bouquet. This is certainly not how I intended to honor my parents for 60 years of marriage, I will not be using... More...
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  • Late Delivery! Very poor value!

    I ordered flowers for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary three days ahead of time. The flowers were not delivered on time. When I finally reached customer service they apologized profusely, promised to deliver the flowers that morning, and offered to upgrade the bouquet from an $80 arrangement to a $100 arrangement. The flowers were delivered, but my $100 arrangement was a small arrangement in a basket-- 3 roses, 2 lilies, carnations and daisies-- a $30 arrangement at best. This company is a rip-off! I certainly won't be using the rebate coupons they offered as an apology.... More...
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  • Flower Delivery Express-DON'T USE!!!!!

    I ordered an expensive arrangement for best friend's FUNERAL, four days in advance. Less than 24 hrs before, I received an email from these a__holes (after hours, of course) stating they'd screwed up and no flowers were delivered . . . now, it being a Saturday in a small town, I am left empty handed with no flowers to bring to the service unless I visit some grocery store on the way and pick up some lame pre-made substitute. There should be a serious investigation of this company's fraudulent practices! They should be SHUT DOWN!!! More...

    This was the worst experience I have ever encountered from any flower delivery sevice. On 8/2/14, I ordered and paid extra for a same day delivery of a bouquet for a family member's 70th brithday. The amount of my purchase was nearly $100 for a large bouquet and the delivery fee. On 8/2 and 8/3, I left several messages via voicemail with this company (because I could never reach a live person during the day or evening) to confirm the delivery. However, I never received a response. In fact, to date I have never received a reply to my messages via phone or email.... More...
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  • Flower Rip Off

    The first time, I used Wesley Berry, they promised same day service. They never delivered and credited me the money to their company. I hadn't used them for nearly a year. Finally after seeing the credit pop up almost daily, I used them to deliver flowers to my daughter and new grandchild in Wisconsin. This time I paid for next day delivery. Even with my previous credit, my bill was over $80. Again...no delivery, no notification, no nothing. I-800-Flowers is way better! never a problem with their service or flowers. Wesley Berry has ruined two milestones in my life, don't let them... More...
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  • Awful Service

    On Friday, July 18 - I ordered flowers to be delivered that same day in Chicago IL. On the website and throughout the order, it was confirmed SAME DAY delivery. The next day, I receive an email with an invoice with a lower dollar amount then the amount that was charged to my debit card - and showing on the invoice, I am seeing an order date and a delivery date of the same day, 07/18/2014. After this email, I get a second one that states there was missing information and the order was not delivered,I can either call or email back the missing information and they will be delivered right... More...
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    WOW, wish I had seen this before I used this service to have flowers delivered to my future daughter-in-law for her birthday. I placed the order on June 20th, for delivery on June 23rd her birthday. And now 5 phone calls and 7 emails later... still no delivery, and still have not managed to talk to a human being. But they have however, charged my credit card. I made this mistake one other time when I sent flowers to a coworker and they arrive a day later than what I paid for. I believe in second chances. MY MISTAKE!!! I should have just called a local florist myself in Barrie Ont,... More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flowers

    Horrible company don't ever order from them! Ordered flowers for my son and daughter in law welcoming their new baby boy. Flowers did not arrive as promised calls were not answered - emails did not get replies back. Flowers were delivered the next day they were not the ones I ordered it was suppose to be a little red wagon with its a boy written on the side filled with flowers instead they sent a white plain basket with flowers and the balloons I paid extra for! I am truly disgusted with this company and would not recommend Wesley Berry Flowers to anyone!!!!!!! More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flowers - Worst experience

    I have previously used Wesley Berry Flowers (years ago) and LOVED their service. I didn't even bother to look up reviews this time around, and that was the biggest mistake. I ordered two sets of flowers for Mother's Day, understanding that Mother's Day is one of (if not, THE) biggest day of the year! My flowers were to be delivered the day after Mother's Day, they didn't show. I waited an entire week before I tried to contact them. IMPOSSIBLE!!! I left several messages and emails and was not given a response. Finally, an email came through, apologizing and saying... More...
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  • No delivery. No refund. No Customer Service

    Fed up with contacting you about order 02629875...you have ignored my phone calls and e-mails so not spending more time on talking to you, Instead I am talking to American Express....to the Better Business Bureau , to FTD, to Yelp, to Pissed-off and any other venue I can find. Your method of doing business is un-American...it completely undermines everything our country stands for ...honesty, fair play, pride in workmanship, honoring promises, respecting customers, doing the best job possible. Your company is a disgrace and its employees should be ashamed to follow management's... More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flowers ***DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE***

    Inflated prices under the guise of giving the consumer a deal. Operating under multiple names,they proudly claim an Aplus rating from BBB, but an online complaint form sends complaints back to the company (instead of the BBB)....where the complaint is ignored. They are a SCAM and should be put out of business. Flowers ordered/ money debited/ flowers never delivered. Theres really no point in saying the flowers were for an 82 yr old woman,in a hospital bed with a broken pelvis. Nobody from that company cares about anything except getting your money. They have no intention of filling the... More...
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  • Order paid for but never delivered

    Ordered Mothers Day Flowers on May 8, 2014. My wife called on Tuesday to ask how she liked the flowers. She was advised that she never rec'd them and all the other children sent flowers. I have tried calling several times. All I got was voice mail indicating that I needed to leave a message , phone number and email address. After three days of waiting and leaving additional messages I called my bank and left a dispute. They will now try to get it settled. NEVER use this company ! More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flower (The worst service ever)

    I ordered flowers on 05/08/14 to be deliver on 05/10/14, the flowers never arrived. I thought they will arrive on Mothers Day but they didn't. This flowers were my mom's gift for Mothers Day and she didn't receive anything since I am her only daughter. To this date I haven't receive a call or anything to let me know what is going on. I have left 4 messages in the voicemail and I have send 2 e-mails with no answer. I have no idea how they can write the reviews that I read because they are not true. There is no service for customers that already have an order, if you... More...
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    I expected to be with my mom on Mother's Day (likely her last), but in the end I could not be there. So I attempted to send her flowers on the Friday before (5/9). I normally order from another online floral delivery company. However, they, like all the other honest online florists, said they couldn't do it before Monday. Then I find this company. In huge letters at the top of their website they offer "SAME DAY DELIVERY!!!" I checked the dates and it included that day (5/9). So I paid over $80 for a $35 flower arrangement. They did have a $20 coupon (don't... More...
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  • HORRIBLE experience

    NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!! Pretty much the same experience everyone else is listing. Order flowers to be delivered for mother's 83rd birthday as we could not be with her. Flowers never showed!! Numerous attempts to contact company via phone and email to no avail although when using the new order option was able to speak with someone immediately. When I Finally spoke to someone I got three different stories from three different people. Was told that I could only be refunded the charges less processing fees and a 30 % restocking fee. I asked to restock what as the flowers were... More...
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  • Never use the company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Horrible Business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had learned from others. Didn't check the reviews on this place before trying to use it. Horrible business! Open 24/7/365???? What a joke. That only applies if you want to place an order, then someone answers the phone quickly. Have a complaint or a question? Zero customer service. I hate to see businesses like this continuing to operate. Wish there was a way to shut them down. Need to keep trying to get the word out I guess. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS. You've been warned. More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flowers is an awful experience all around

    I ordered a flower arrangement from this company on April 9th with GUARANTEED same day delivery. By the end of business on April 10th, the flowers still had not been delivered. So I called the customer service number and reached a completely automated system. You have to leave a message with why you called and they will call you back. Except I did this twice and not once did I receive a phone call back. So I emailed them from the order confirmation email they sent (which said if I had any questions, just reply to that email) asking them to please cancel my order and refund my money. They... More...
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  • Horrible Business!

    Wish I had learned from others. Didn't check the reviews on this place before trying to use it. Horrible business! Open 24/7/365???? What a joke. That only applies if you want to place an order, then someone answers the phone quickly. Have a complaint or a question? Zero customer service. I hate to see businesses like this continuing to operate. Wish there was a way to shut them down. Need to keep trying to get the word out I guess. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS. You've been warned. More...
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    Was lured in by the website of 24/7 access to customer service and claims of fast/same day delivery. Placed order on 3/24 for funeral service on 3/25. Received a generic email AFTER the funeral that the order did not make it there. I was sending these out of state for a family member. Attempts to call the 800 number in the email led to either a voice mail or 3 different customer service reps that lacked any skill at relating to people. I went off the internet and took it on blind faith that it would deliver as promised. Emails are not being responded to either. Next call is to American... More...
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  • FAILED at all fronts

    Wesley Berry Flowers ent me a confirmation specifying the correct date to deliver flowers for someone's birthday. Flowers were not delivered on the contract date. No answer to 1 phone call (left message with info) and 2 emails. Following day I sent letter cancelling the contract and ordered from another florist. Four days after contract date and 3 days after I cancelled, a florist called the intended recipient to say he was delivering flowers that day. I called and advised him the contract was cancelled and during the conversation have been told the following 1) Wesley Berry Flowers... More...
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  • Fraudulent Business Tactics

    Around 7 am Friday morning, I order same day delivery of Valentine's Day flowers for my daughter to be delivered to her place of work. They were never delivered so I contacted the company's customer service. The fact I had to leave a voice mail should have caused red flags to be raised but I gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking that since it was Valentine's Day, they were just very busy. I was promised either a phone call or an e-mail addressing my issue. Never happened. I followed up with a phone call yesterday morning (2/17) and when I finally got through to... More...
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  • This florist

    I placed an order on Wednesday, February 12 for delivery for Sunday, February 16th. I was deceived by the ease of their website and ordering process. On Friday, Valentine's Day, I received an email saying that due to extreme weather conditions, my flowers would not be delivered on their scheduled day, but they would try for the next delivery day. When I called their 1-888 number on Saturday and then again on Sunday, neither time did I get a response or reply. I'm calling from Mexico, so even an email would have been fine. No flowers have been delivered. And by the way,... More...
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  • DO NOT USE Weskey Berry

    After attempting to order flowers to be delivered in Canada through 1800flowers i was redirected to the Wesely Berry site. I didn't think too much of it because i figured if 1800flowers was redirecting me to them it had to be alright....I was wrong. I placed my valentines order on Feb 3rd and within hours i received an order confirmation stating that they would take "great care" with the arrangement and confirmed it would be delivered on Feb 14th. The flowers never arrived, I e-mailed the company and they have not responded to my request for a refund. Luckily i paid... More...
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  • westley berry flowers express

    i ordered flowers for valentine's day on feb 13. I got a confirmation email a few minuets later stating that my order will be delivered on feb 15.i called back immediately to cancel the order,but was unable to reach a live person.i sent a cancellation email to the email address that they sent me only to get a failure notice the next day.i have called several times in the past 48 hours.now when you follow the voice prompts on the phone they tell you that your call can't be completed as dialed.THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM.I'M GOING TO CONTACT THE ATTY GENERAL OF MY STATE TO SEE IF... More...
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  • Wesley Berry Flowers - Delivery

    I ordered flowers for my mother's last day at work.I was assured that they would send them on this important day. They did not deliver the flowers but charged my credit card. It took 3 weeks to get the charges reversed. Then they sent me a 'credit' to use for flowers. I decided to try and use the credit. Even though I ordered less then the credit amount, they wanted a credit card number. I entered a bogus number. They wrote me a couple of hours later to state that the flowers could not be delivered because the number I had given them was incorrect. Why do they need a credit... More...
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